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Why conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transfer of legal ownership of real estate from one person/entity to another. Conveyancing also includes transferring the title deeds from the seller to the purchaser, as well as securing a mortgage.

What does a conveyancer do for you?

A licensed and experienced conveyancer will assist you with the settlement and title transfer procedure by making sure all legal constraints and requirements are dealt with. A trustworthy conveyancer will protect your interests and rights and it is best if both parties, i.e. buyers and sellers must use the services of a conveyancer as there are obligations on both ends.

A conveyancer shall-

  • Prepare the contract of sale and all related documents, certificates and disclosures
  • Conduct researches regarding the property such as certificate of title, government and local authorities
  • Determine the adjustment in rates and taxes
  • Get documents stamped wherever necessary
  • Review the contract terms and conditions
  • Facilitate exchange of contracts
  • Prepare transfer documents, get it signed from purchaser and registered by paying stamp duty relevant for the state
  • Complete final settlement and advise you through the process and help you through your mortgage and financing

A professional conveyancer will be of great assistance while you navigate the complex process of buying/selling a property. In case contract terms are not met or settlement fails, there are chances of serious penalties that the buyer/seller meets. This might prove to be an expensive affair and it is a good idea to seek professional help to avoid such circumstances.

Licensed conveyancers are aware of rules and regulations under the jurisdiction of every state and territory in Australia. They also have professional indemnity insurance to cover any kind of loss that occurs through the settlement.

Our conveyancing services for buying

Once you have found that dream home you had been looking for, our conveyancers will help you navigate through all stages of the buying process.

  • We formulate all transfer documents to ensure legal and rightful transfer of property while adhering to state regulations.
  • Once the Contract of Sale is prepared, we advise you on the specific terms and conditions before you sign the contract to help you avoid conflicts later.
  • We help you facilitate mortgage approvals from the bank by overseeing all mortgage documents.
  • Your consultant will figure out what additional costs need to be paid associated with the property.
  • Your settlement process will be smooth and hassle-free as we take care of all aspects.

Extensive experience in handling all kinds of real estate sale and purchase has made our consultants adept at handling any exigencies that can arise at any stage of the transaction.

As your legal consultants of choice, we safeguard your interests and rights while being proactive in managing your purchase, negotiating terms & conditions, tracking your progress, and expediting the goal of settlement.

Our conveyancing services for selling

Selling your home can prove to be an enervating process, both mentally and emotionally. Not to forget about the intricacies of the sales process. Our deep expertise in property sales of all kinds enables us to ensure that you have a seamless process while transferring ownership to the other party.


Our consultants help you at all stages.

  • Oversee the preparation of the Contract of Sale and the Vendor’s Statement.
  • Take care that you meet all the disclosure obligations relevant for the state while guiding you through government prohibitions and taxes.
  • Advise you on the terms & conditions and legal documents based on your unique circumstances so that you reach settlement on time.
  • Liaise with the buyer’s conveyancer to mutually reach a date of settlement.

We assist you throughout the process, both before and after putting your home up for sale in the market. Your dedicated consultant will protect you from any sort of conflict of interest that might arise on the way to settlement.

Our conveyancing services for transfers

One might need to carry out a property transfer for a number of reasons including parents gifting property to their children, transfer to a spouse, company or trust. Whatever the reason, we help you execute the process of transfer of title smoothly.

We will guide you through all the steps of the process.

  • Plan the process by analyzing your requirements.
  • Most situations require you to deal with stamp duty and registration fees. We will arrange for all the related documents.
  • Look after all State Revenue Declarations.
  • Prepare, assemble and execute all Transfer documentation.
  • Take care of stamping and lodging.
  • Coordinate with the financial institutions for necessary paperwork.
  • Guide you till settlement.

Our consultants begin with having thorough discussions with our clients and have been adept at handling even sensitive situations like transfers happening because of marriage breakdowns or a family member’s demise. We deal with every situation with thorough professionalism and make sure that we make the transition as convenient for you as possible with affordable costs.

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