Company overview

Mutual Conveyancing is a professional legal services provider for real estate undertakings. Our licensed conveyancers are well-experienced and are adept at handling all kinds of property transactions. When partnering with us, you can be rest assured that we will deliver a seamless conveyancing services to you at no hidden cost or inconvenience.

We assist you at each step of the way and familiarize you with how current laws affect your property transaction. We allot a dedicated legal consultant for each of our clients who assess their unique requirements and design solutions around their needs. Being affiliated with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), we maintain high standards of performance and deliver excellence.

We follow a fixed-fee approach wherein we maintain complete transparency in pricing and charge a fixed amount according to your unique circumstances.

Our Philosophy

We recognize the fact that buying or selling a home is a crucial financial decision you are ever going to take and we want to be your trusted partners in that process. Consultants at Mutual Conveyancing aim to make the complex process of buying/selling a property simple and hassle-free for you while maintaining high levels of trust and transparency.

Why work with us?

Our services are just a call away and our consultants make sure they are always there to address your queries. Our fixed-fee model ensures that you need not worry about hidden costs and charges. We are very particular about our timelines so that you do not have to face delays or deadlocks and can reach settlement quickly.